Short Film - Por Ella - Supportive - Genaro Peres / El Carlos Diaz


Feature Film - Li'l Mayne and the Knuckleheads - Lead - Backa Media Production


Feature Film - La Barracuda - Supportive - J.Cortlund / J.Halperin


TV Pilot - Street Stories - Supportive - Backa Media


Short Film - Hitler in Space Jam - Lead - Juice House Prod.


Short Film - Things will be different - Lead - Carlos Mendoza Dir.


Short Film - Snack Away - Lead - Dramon Robbins Dir.


Short Film - Rocket Venture - Lead - Stephen Aragan Dir.


Short Film - Bench - Supportive - C.Pauk Productions


Feature Film - Juvenile Transgressions - Supportive - 3 Boost Production


Short Film - The life of a dog - Lead- Renny McCauley Films


Short Film - Emma - Lead - iDea Producions (click on videos)


Short Film - Conjecture - Supportive- Lunar Pig Productions


Short Film - June - Supportive- Lazy Gal Productions


TV Commercial - Five Below Stores - Grand Opening


TV Commercial - Verizon - Back to school - Lopez Negrete Comm.


Web Commercial - The Miracle of America - PSA Productions


Web Commercial - Lifeline Chaplaincy - Reino Capital


TV Commercial - Children's Museum of Houston


TV Commercial - KPRC Channel 2 - Children's Museum of Houston TX


TV Commercial - Children's Museum of Houston TX - Summer of Epic Adventures


TV Commercial - Radio Disney Awards - Disney Edition Nabi Tablets


TV Commercial - The Longhorns - "inVINCEable"


TV Commercial - ALDI


TV Commercial - Valero - American Ingenuity


TV Commercial - FCCU Texans Debit Card


TV Commercial - Academy Sports and Outdoors - BackPacks


TV Commercial - Academy Sports and Outdoors - A Merry Christmas Guarantee


TV Commercial - Academy Sports and Outdoors - Father's Day


TV Commercial - Disney Junior - CA


TV Commercial - Family Values - Scotch Ad Parody





Children's Bible Stories - WonderVista Entertainment - -2012

The story of Abraham , The story of Cain and Able and The Three Wise Men - Now available on DVD





KRISHA BULLOCK CSA: Hollywood Casting Director for Nickelodeon - audition techniques, scene work, acting workshop - I ♥ Krisha Bullock I so ♥ Krisha Bullock and Krisha Bullock


LA Kids Acting Camp by The Casting Workshops: w/ Greg James, Trisha Simmons, Paul Weber CSA, Ryan Glorioso CSA, Howard Meltzer CSA


ACTOR'S WORKSHOPS with: Iris Hampton, Robin Nassif, Lee Burns, John Lansch, Joanna Sanchez, Deborah Dion, Harriet Greenspan CSA,


HOLLYWOOD ACROSS AMERICA - Workshops with Carol Goldwasser, Cathy Sullivan, Sari Knight

and Mandy Sherman - Script breakdown, scene work, monologues and character development


MUSIC INSTRUCTIONS: Playing acoustic and electric guitar, Ukulele, reading music,

solo and band techniques




LANGUAGES: Fluently Speaks English / Hungarian


INTERESTS : Honor roll in school year 2013-2016, Texas Reader Book Club, traveling, bicycling, gliding on Heelys