My name is Angelo, I love the outdoors and animals. I travel every year to Europe during the summer to discover and learn my heritage. I always laugh and love to entertain people! I want to be the funniest kid in school and I'm not shy to show off anywhere. I started to learn to play the guitar at age 6 and I look forward to continue with swimming and soccer practice in Europe during summer. My latest fun is gliding fast on my brand new Heely's and convincing my grandma' that she should try it too. I also frequently participate in fundraising and able to reach out to our friends and family via my own website. My mom has a ton of photos and videos of me clowning around. When I grow up I will be a helicopter pilot, race car driver, a police officer and as my yia-yia (grandma' in Greek) always used to say: a movie star. I can memorize large text after reading it only once! What a great time I have in school every day!